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  • What is No Rip Grip?
    No Rip Grip is a new style of non-abrasive grip tape. It is made out of a thin rubber material that grips the harder you push against it, allowing for more consistant tricks that reduces the wear and tear on your shoes.
  • How do I install No Rip Grip on my board?
    There are a few ways to install No Rip Grip, but here is the best way we found: Remove sheet on back and line up with skateboard Press grip down on skateboard (try to avoid bubbles between board and grip, but you can pull the grip back up and reapply at this step if you need to) Push down edges and create crease (use a file or edge of screwdriver) Use a file the grip tape off the edges.
  • I only have a razorblade. Can't I just install it like regular grip tape?
    Yes! You can install it by just pressing the grip down and cutting the edges off. We suggest cutting it at a sharp angle and removing grip from the edges. This method works, but because No Rip Grip wont tear like regular griptape, it can cause the edges to peel. We suggest installing with a hair dryer and file, but this method does work in a jam. If the edges do peel, you can cut the peeling off or reglue.
  • Does No Rip Grip feel different from regular grip tape?
    There is a very slight learning curve when trying No Rip Grip for the first time, but within a week it will feel comfortable. You do not have to change form or where you set up your feet, skate it like you would a any other grip tape.
  • What is the difference between Classic & Diamond Deluxe?
    No Rip Grip Classic is designed to resemble the feel of perfectly worn in grip tape with the minimal amount of wear possible on your shoes. This grip tape is perfect for everyday skaters. If you are perfecting your flip tricks or need to do thousands of kickflips, this grip is perfect for you. No Rip Grip Diamond Deluxe is a higher gripping non-abrasive griptape, designed to feel comparable to Mob Grip. If you love the strong grit of brand new griptape, but don't want to immediatly destroy your shoes, this grip is perfect for you.
  • Will my shoes wear down at all?
    Everything wears down. Our goal is to make your shoes last longer, so you can skate longer.
  • Can I clean No Rip Grip?
    Yes! Simply wipe down with a damp cloth and dry.
  • Can I remove/replace No Rip Grip?
    Yes! No Rip Grip is relativly easier to remove or replace than standard griptape. You can soften the glue with a hairdryer and easily peel the tape back, or you can get a blade/edge between the board and grip then peel back.
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